Phenacite is Phenomenal!

Phenacite is a very high energy stone that stimulates mental clarity, meditation, intuition and psychic abilities. Phenacite allows connection to higher self and to masters. It clears and activates chakras and energy paths in the body.

For those who seek to connect to higher consciousness and wisdom and inform their lives with a more universal understanding, Phenacite is a definite must. While many people find it difficult to feel the energy in stones, most will feel the high vibration energy of Phenacite, even in small doses. 

Phenacite is found in Madagascar, Burma (Myanmar), Russia, and Brazil as well as a few other locations. It is rare and is usually only available in shards and scraps. It is very rare to find complete crystals of this mineral but if you DO find them, scoop them up as fast as you can. They are worth every penny! 

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